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Global Warming & Resource Scarcity: Maybe We Are The Problem

Global warming and resource scarcity are quite possibly the two greatest threats to our civilization in history. The worst case scenario is the irreversible alteration of the Earth to an uninhabitable state: our self-extermination. The best case scenario, is this:  The best case scenario is today. It’s easy to blame the institution, the corporation, the government, the other. But, let me ask you a question. What have you done? What have you personally sacrificed to better our environment? Most splurge on things like hybrid cars, solar panels or CFL/LED replacement bulbs and call it a day. These decisions don’t...

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Why PSY (Gangnam Style) Succeeded Where K-pop Failed

By now I’m sure you’ve already come across the infamous PSY (aka. Park Jae-sang) and the Gangnam Style music video and/or one of the hundreds of flash mobs, parodies or cover videos on YouTube. He is, without a doubt, the biggest musical sensation to break into the US market from South Korea. He transcended the linguistic and cultural barrier that has prevented all of his well funded, well backed predecessors from breaking the prized US market (and the world at large). And, he did it without even trying. Before I continue on about how this came to be, I want to give you a bit of context regarding mainstream K-pop and its history. “Hallyu” 2002 to 2012 In a nutshell, there has been a coordinated effort by the Korean entertainment agencies, orchestrated in large part by the Korean government, to push Korean culture overseas in order to increase exposure of South Korean culture and demand for South Korean goods; to make South Korea cool. The first half of this strategy of the last decade was defined by Korean dramas. Though K-dramas were gaining in popularity gradually overseas, the first big hit was a romance drama called “Winter’s Sonata” that became a smash hit in Japan, especially with middle aged women in Japan. Interestingly, the drama had only limited success in South Korea, but the response in Japan increased exposure back home. Initially, K-dramas...

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Mobile Monetization: Virtual Goods

There is indeed a great mobile war brewing, but I’m not referring to the Samsung (+Google) vs. Apple global litigation mess we’re all tired of hearing about. No, what I speak of is something much grander that spans…well… everything. The War For Virtual Content Distribution This is a war that was spearheaded by the introduction of iTunes, the first major platform to bring controlled content distribution to mobile in its current incarnation. Since then, we have seen every major player swallow up everything in their path and form unlikely allegiances in an effort to control content distribution. Creation, Distribution...

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The Killer Job Interview Tip

Become a Consultant Imagine walking into an interview and teaching your future manager things he did not know or realize about his own company. At the end of the interview, he thanks YOU for helping him. A well thought out Action Plan is the most powerful thing a candidate can bring to a job interview. Preparation Before the interview, spend at least three hours (more, if you’re unfamiliar with the industry and company) researching the website, history, competitors, current projects, social media, products and press releases. Identify areas of weakness within the company and brainstorm solutions. What is a competitor doing...

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The Best Free Documentaries On YouTube

The following is a collection of the best free documentaries currently available on YouTube. But be forewarned, these documentaries will leave you a little more paranoid and pessimistic about the world… The Vice Guide To Travel: The most dangerous, contentious places on Earth. The End Of Poverty: How capitalism as the cause of modern day poverty. A River Of Waste: The evils of factory farming. King Corn: American agriculture and the overwhelming influence of corn. Let’s Talk About Sex: The view of sex amongst adolescents in North America vs. The Netherlands.   Sprawling From Grace: The economic costs of expanding suburbia. Earthlings: Animal cruelty around the...

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