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10 Websites That Will Change Your Life

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“What you do on the Internet is a reflection of yourself

This is a list of the top 10 most well intentioned, genuinely useful websites that just might change your life.

Charity – KIVA

Want to contribute directly to a person in need in the third world? Loan $25 to the person of your choosing. KIVA is by far the most sustainable philanthropic social site ever. Not only do you help entrepreneurial individuals from around the world, but you get your money back!

Goal Setting – Stickk

Create a commitment contract with a friend and put your money where our mouth is. Get recognition and support for accomplishing your goals; lose money to your friends if you don’t. It’s an ingenious system.

Education – Coursera

Free Ivy League classes in one neat place, need I say more?

Wisdom – TED

Some of the greatest talks from the most intelligent, recognized and famous people in the world. There’s a good chance that a local TEDx chapter exists in your city as well.

Language – Duolingo

Quite possibly the best free language learning service available today. Extremely intuitive and easy to follow. Your “practice” is in fact used to translate the internet. Win-win. Currently, it only supports Spanish, German and French, but will open up to new languages in the future. *Note – this service is currently in beta and invite only. The public launch is June 19th.

Questions – Wolfram Alpha

A website that can answer almost any technical question. Math, physics, chemistry, history, linguistics, statistics, you name it. A MUST for all students (it can answer all of you calculus questions for you).

Reality – PostSecret

A website that hosts anonymous postcards that contain secrets from around the world. They range from touching and funny to disturbing.

Social – Meetup

Need something to do on the weekends? Find a group or club near you and join up for free!

Fun – Geocaching

Treasure hunting for adults. Use the GPS in your phone to find treasure scattered across the world. There are probably dozens of secret geocache spots within even one kilometre of your house.

Humor – Improv Everywhere

Videos that can’t help but make you laugh, smile and feel warm inside.


The Internet has made so many wonderful tools and resources free to the world. However, it is merely that, a tool. What you do with it is a reflection of yourself.

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