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Seven Sites to Help Keep Your Resolutions

Setting New Year’s resolutions is easy; adhering to them is the difficult part. Sometimes, a little peer pressure, encouragement or assistance is all it takes to make a resolution a  reality. Here are seven of the best free resources to help you achieve your goals this year.

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Rescue Time

Track how much time you waste on your computer. See exactly how many hours you spend on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, playing games and other non-productive websites and applications. You might be shocked by how little time you spend being productive…


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Put your money where you mouth is. Set a goal, set the stakes (usually money – which you must earn back or risk donating to a charity), get a referee (a real person, friend or online stranger) and find friends to support your cause. It mixes both social pressure with monetary incentives, making StickK a very powerful tool.


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Based on the premise that a new habit is formed by adhering to it for 21 days, Habit Forge will email you every day to check on your progress. If you need additional motivation, you can make your objective public and join a group with similar objectives.


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Start a Resolution

In the spirit of the “pay it forward“, here, the person that signed up prior to you will be your coach and you will be expected to coach the next person that signs up after you.


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Hassle Me

Similar in concept to Habit Forge without the 21 day structure and reminders sent randomized intervals.


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43 Things

Create communities around your goals. Simply list your goals, then join the world community of people with the same goal.


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42 Goals

A very refined interface that helps you track your progress on various goals including stats and visuals that provide a useful overview of your progress and results.


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The absolute best free personal finance tracking software available, bar none. View your account balances in real time, set budgets, get alerts for over spending and fees, and see spending and income trends.



Self Control – An extremely simple, yet potent tool. Set the websites you’d like to block and set a time limit. Once activated, the program will block all means of accessing those websites. Be forewarned, you really wont have access to those websites until the timer runs out.

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