I’m Spoiled

I was born in a middle class family in one of the richest, safest and well-balanced countries in the world. I have never  been witness to any great war, famine, disease, poverty or strife.

I was lucky to be born with above average intelligence, a propensity to athleticism and a natural desire to learn and better myself.

As a result, I have always been good at almost anything I choose to pursue, but never “great.”

I have never had to fight for anything in my life.

I see everyday people that have subjected themselves to rigid diet and exercise regimens leading to a 50 kg weight loss. I see everyday students fail a class, then turn around and become elite class-men. I see everyday workers that overcome mediocrity to become all-star salesmen.

I have never known true failure, true suffering, depression or insignificance.

I have never needed to apply myself to a single task or goal, and overcome strings of failures and obstacles to achieve the unachievable.

What scares me the most is that this is how I justify my spoiled behaviour to myself.

I could live my entire life in above-average-mediocrity. It would be a good life. Yet, I know I’m capable of more.

Why am I waiting for something tragic to happen?

I am spoiled, and I’m too comfortable to change.


Leo is passionate about connecting people through shared values and interests, and empowering future leaders. He is the Founder of CoFit Movement and Director of Community at SOGO Fitness. An aspiring hyper-polyglot, he heads Tokyo Trilinguals and speaks five languages. Although eclectic in his interests, he is most inspired when writing, teaching and creating. He is most at peace when cleaning, gazing up at the night sky and around the colour blue. Born and raised a second-generation Japanese-Canadian, he calls Vancouver home and is currently based in Tokyo.

Disclaimer | Copyright Leo Fuchigami 2011