The Origin of SpeciesI’m pretty confident that I can offer 10 commandments that do a better job of guiding the human race than the original commandments presented by the Judeo-Christian faith.

The Athiest’s 10 Commandments

Wisdom – Seek wisdom from the experienced and educated.

Empathy – Strive to understand others. Respect their opinions and needs.

Happiness – There are many ways to obtain happiness, such as love, friendship, acknowledgement, success, accumulation, improvement and fulfillment. Seek a balance of many rather than an excess of one.

Mental – Never stop learning.

Temporal – Respect the past, enjoy the present and imagine the future.

Physical – Always consider the effects of your actions on your surroundings.

Spiritual – You determine your highest existence. Pursue it to your fullest.

Professional – Contribute to the betterment of your family, friends, community and society.

Decisions – Always think critically. Determine the truth for yourself.

Connection – Everything and everyone is connected. Do not act in selfish isolation.


What do you think? Would you change any of the commandments? Post your thoughts below and let’s create an even better list through informed discussion!