The following is a collection of the best free documentaries currently available on YouTube. But be forewarned, these documentaries will leave you a little more paranoid and pessimistic about the world…

The Vice Guide To Travel
: The most dangerous, contentious places on Earth.

The End Of Poverty
: How capitalism as the cause of modern day poverty.

A River Of Waste: The evils of factory farming.

King Corn
: American agriculture and the overwhelming influence of corn.

Let’s Talk About Sex
: The view of sex amongst adolescents in North America vs. The Netherlands.


Sprawling From Grace: The economic costs of expanding suburbia.

: Animal cruelty around the world.


Home: Global warming.

Religulous: Discrediting religion

Zeitgeist & Zeitgeist 2: All of the major conspiracy theories in one.

Bowling For Columbine: The deep rooted societal problems that caused the Columbine Massacre.

Secrets of Body language: Learn how to catch, interpret and use body language.

The Corporation: The evils of modern day capitalism and the rise of the conglomerates.

Life In A Day: A collection of 80,000 videos from people all over the world on July 24th, 2010.


For more documentaries, you can go directly to the documentaries list Youtube.