“Absolutely fantastic lessons bro. My hats go down to you! I’ve become quite a popular teacher at my school thanks to your fun, compelling, and engaging lessons, such as these. Keep up the good work mate!” – kitster1


  1. Teach students how to count to 999,999,999
  2. Teach students about expected salaries and interesting jobs from the US

Lesson Content

  1. Video – “The Best Job In The World”
  2. Big Numbers – Teach students how to easily count to 999,999,999.
  3. Number Racing Games – Get students to write and speak large numbers as quickly as they can
  4. How Much Money? – Show students how much money they can make in Korea vs. USA, then put the countries into a global perspective
  5. Dirty, Dangerous & Dream Jobs – Show students some very interesting jobs from the US. Get them to discuss the pros and cons of each job.
  6. Your Dream Job – Get students to write about their dream job, real or fake.

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