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  1. Teach students about Finland’s public K-12 education system
  2. Broadly compare South Korea, USA and Finland’s complete education systems

Lesson Content

  1. Best education systems in the world – Based on PISA scores
  2. Difference between USA, Korea and Finland – Educational expenditures, hours in school, cost of tuition, etc.
  3. Top universities in the world – By country
  4. Finland’s K-12 system – Daycare + kindergarten, break time, in class, after school, subjects, parents + teachers, tests and grades
  5. Pros and cons of the three systems
  6. Final observation
  7. Activity (optional)

——–Slides below for teachers only———

  1. Teaching in Finland
  2. Criticisms about Finland, US and Korea
  3. Incompatibility of US and Finnish system
  4. My opinion on the issue

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