“This lesson works well with my 3rd graders.  Really piques their interest. Is a bit heavy on the teacher talk time, but can also work to stimulate interesting input from students.” – panurge


  1. Teach students about nutrition, exercise and how it’s related to calories
  2. Then apply that knowledge towards foods (in particular fast foods)
  3. Introduce students to strange foods from around the world

Lesson Content

  1. Video – Epic Meal Time: Turbaconepic (edited version)
  2. Basic Nutrition – Review calories, carbs, fat and protein
  3. Exercise – Briefly cover calorie expenditures for basic exercises
  4. Global Calorie Consumption – Talk about how many calories different countries eat around the world and investigate the causes
  5. Anorexia vs. Obesity – Define and explain the terms
  6. How Many Calories? (Game) – Get students to guess how many calories certain foods contain and why junk food has so many
  7. Describing Food – Teach students some very common words/sounds Westerners make to express their feelings towards foods
  8. Strange Foods (Game) – Show students strange foods from around the world. Get them to figure out why these countries eat these foods.
  9. Make A Strange Food – Students spend the remaining time creating their own strange foods and presenting to the class

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