“I’ve never had students clap after a lesson before.” – darktoad1


  1. Define physical beauty
  2. Trick students into admitting that other races are more beautiful than they would like to admit
  3. Inform students of the hazards of plastic surgery & peer pressure
  4. Re-define beauty as something that is relative (not absolute)
  5. Re-define the boundaries of beauty and extend it into the realm of personality, accomplishment and passion.

Lesson Content

  1. Dove Evolution video
  2. Guess the celebrity – Before and after pictures
  3. Definition of beauty – Complexion, healthiness and averageness
  4. Average faces game – Students vote for the most attractive photo. Each photo is a composite of the averages of each nation, thereby acting as a single representative photo of an entire nation.
  5. Model from other countries – Students guess the ethnicity of some Asian models
  6. Beauty in other cultures – Examine what the definition of beauty is in other cultures
  7. Idiom – Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
  8. Define Korean beauty – Students define the perfect Korean face
  9. Plastic surgery – A look at plastic surgery rates around the world
  10. Extreme beauty – Look at a few cases of plastic surgery gone wrong
  11. Beauty Pressure video – Another Dove video about beauty
  12. Beauty & Advertisements – Discuss the effects of false beauty in advertising
  13. Idiom – Beauty is only skin deep
  14. Types of Beauty – Looks vs. personality vs. passion
  15. The most famous Korean-American actress – Sandra Oh
  16. The most loved Korean celebrity – Kim Yuna
  17. Pantene Commercial – The deaf mute violinist
  18. Discuss the video

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