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As a high school student (particularly before gr. 11), I HATED the telephone. I would often start sweating and feel extreme anxiety when I had to make a phone call. I had to run the conversation through my mind multiple times before I could conjure up the courage to dial the phone number.

Usually, I’d just find some excuse to not make the call at all.

It didn’t just end there. What do I say if he/she actually picks up (I was secretly hoping to reach the voice mail)? How do I end the call? Do I say “bye” after him/her?

Phone calls in Japanese were the worst. I was highly insecure about my Japanese and didn’t have confidence in my formal Japanese (for speaking to elders) at all.

After a phone call, I’d run the conversation through my mind again to examine if I “successfully” completed it.

Walking with people, I was constantly asking myself these questions:

  • Do I walk beside, in front or behind them?
  • How fast should I walk?
  • What is the “ideal” position in this group?

Forget girls. 

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