Glocal Gastronomy

Global Cuisine, Locally Curated

Private social gastronomy experiences held at the best hidden international restaurants in Tokyo. The formula is simple: global taste + local guides + cultural experience.


To connect people through food and culture to create a more understanding and empathetic society.

Origin Story

I have always believed that food is best experienced with others. To share a dish and drink with friends, new and old, has been a bedrock of human connection since at least the beginning of modern civilization. By creating international cultural experiences, rather than simply meals of consumption, I thought, I could extend empathy and understanding beyond language and borders, here at home.

Previous Dinners

  1. Peruvian @ Huanchaco
  2. Soul Food @ Soul Food House
  3. Belarusian/Russian @ Minsk
  4. Greek @ Kaze No Kura
  5. Canadian @ HyLife Pork
Glocal Gastronomy Canadian HyLife
Glocal Gastronomy Canadian HyLife
Glocal Gastronomy Belarusian Minsk 1
Glocal Gastronomy Belarusian Minsk 2
Glocal Gastronomy Belarusian Minsk 3
Glocal Gastronomy Belarusian Minsk 4
Glocal Gastronomy Belarusian Minsk 5
Glocal Gastronomy Greek Kazenokura 1
Glocal Gastronomy Greek Kazenokura 2
Glocal Gastronomy Greek Kazenokura 3
Glocal Gastronomy Greek Kazenokura 4
Glocal Gastronomy Peruvian Huanchaco 1
Glocal Gastronomy Peruvian Huanchaco 2
Glocal Gastronomy Soul Food House 1
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