Dirty, Dangerous & Dream Jobs

“Absolutely fantastic lessons bro. My hats go down to you! I’ve become quite a popular teacher at my school thanks to your fun, compelling, and engaging lessons, such as these. Keep up the good work mate!” – kitster1


  1. Teach students how to count to 999,999,999
  2. Teach students about expected salaries and interesting jobs from the US

Lesson Content

  1. Video – “The Best Job In The World”
  2. Big Numbers – Teach students how to easily count to 999,999,999.
  3. Number Racing Games – Get students to write and speak large numbers as quickly as they can
  4. How Much Money? – Show students how much money they can make in Korea vs. USA, then put the countries into a global perspective
  5. Dirty, Dangerous & Dream Jobs – Show students some very interesting jobs from the US. Get them to discuss the pros and cons of each job.
  6. Your Dream Job – Get students to write about their dream job, real or fake.

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Leo is passionate about connecting people through shared values and interests, and empowering future leaders. He is the Founder of CoFit Movement and Director of Community at SOGO Fitness. An aspiring hyper-polyglot, he heads Tokyo Trilinguals and speaks five languages. Although eclectic in his interests, he is most inspired when writing, teaching and creating. He is most at peace when cleaning, gazing up at the night sky and around the colour blue. Born and raised a second-generation Japanese-Canadian, he calls Vancouver home and is currently based in Tokyo.

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