“Your Konglish Powerpoint is one of the funniest things I’ve ever shown my kids, and many of them gave the exact reactions you demonstrated in your video.” – misterf


  1. Teach students about various types of common Konglish mistakes with plenty of examples
  2. Quiz students on this new knowledge

Lesson Content

  1. Incorrect English – Highlight examples of Konglish words that do not reflect the original meaning of the English words
  2. Shortened English – Show examples of abbreviated or shortened English
  3. Konglish Everywhere – Show pictures of Konglish mistakes in public (e.g. menus, advertisements, apparel, signs, etc.)
  4. Review Time
  5. Konglish Jokes Videos – Embedded Konglish Jokes videos I made

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Leo is passionate about connecting people through shared values and interests, and empowering future leaders. He is the Founder of CoFit Movement and Director of Community at SOGO Fitness. An aspiring hyper-polyglot, he heads Tokyo Trilinguals and speaks five languages. Although eclectic in his interests, he is most inspired when writing, teaching and creating. He is most at peace when cleaning, gazing up at the night sky and around the colour blue. Born and raised a second-generation Japanese-Canadian, he calls Vancouver home and is currently based in Tokyo.

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