“Even my incredibly frustrating 2nd years that all the teachers have trouble controlling were so focused.  They loved the powerpoint!  I even had students in the back standing up to see what was going on more clearly.  Also, Mr. Panda and Doraemon were huge hits.  Thank you so so much!!” – bbo


  1. Play a fun game where students use logic to justify their decisions to save one individual over another

Lesson Content

  1. Animated story presenting a short background to the origin of the zombie virus
  2. The student are shown the 10 possible characters from which they can only save 4
  3. Individual writing work: students must identify the pros and cons of choosing each character
  4. Group work: as a team, students must democratically choose 4 characters to save
  5. Results: the point system is revealed
  6. Teams are ranked against each other based on the points from their choices
  7. Teams can volunteer to orate their choices for extra points
  8. Character combinations are revealed
  9. Students tally up their total scores to reveal the class winner
  10. Students can argue against the point system for bonus points

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