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1-on-1 guidance to equip you with the tools, mindset, and clarity of focus for success.

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Leo’s personal coaching sessions have helped me better manage my time, prioritize my tasks and set realistic goals for both my personal and professional life. He has a special talent of realizing a person's potential, and has high expectations for his clients to live up to them...

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I would highly recommend Leo’s tailored program “Principle Fitness”.

Leo has been very dedicated from day one by helping me figuring out my goals in life by digging deep into my values and motivations for the past two months...

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Leo is the kind of person who's great at guiding people to figuring out for themselves, what they're actually want. Then he helps them achieve it. He excels at creatively finding a structure that works for the person, and then making sure they follow through with it. Very happy with the fitness routine he's helped me refine...

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Find Purpose

Find Purpose

Live and work with greater intention through goal setting and self-discovery.


  1. Life | Ikigai & The Search
  2. Goals | Reverse Life Mapping
  3. Happiness | A Logical Framework
  4. Death | Inevitability & Acceptance
  5. Identity | Reflection & Projection
Enhance Productivity

Enhance Productivity

Learn how to be more decisive, effective, and efficient through mental models.


  1. Tasks | Act, React & Ignore
  2. Flow | Deep Work & Distraction
  3. Minimalism | Love & Letting Go
  4. Habits | Micro-Changes & Momentum
  5. Procrastination | Efficiency & Multi-tasking
Develop Power

Develop Power

Become a holistically stronger and more resilient person through training and lifetyles changes.


  1. Training | Strength & Adaptability
  2. Stretching | Flexibility & Fluidity
  3. Consistency | Triggers & Anchors
  4. Lifestyle | Incrementalism & Energy
  5. Challenges | Breaking Mental Barriers
Augment Profession

Augment Profession

Differentiate yourself from the market by emulating passionate leaders.


  1. Resume | Reality vs. Perception
  2. Mentorship | Seeking Wisdom
  3. Project | The Creator’s Mindset
Inspire People

Inspire People

Learn to connect with and inspire others through empathy and appreciation.


  1. Empathy | Importance & Indifference
  2. Empowerment | Protection & Desire
  3. Community | Exclusivity & Inclusion
  4. Appreciation | Standardization & Personalization
  5. Communication | Silence & Stories

Success is a journey
not a destination

Let me give you the tools and the mindset to not only see further down the road, but to forge your own path.


  • 30 minutes, 1-on-1
  • Review personal & professional trajectory
  • Identify key areas of priority
  • Determine an action plan



  • 60 minutes, 1-on-1
  • Any Purpose, Productivity, Profession or People Track module
  • Custom worksheets & templates
  • Minimum commitment of 3 sessions



  • 50 minutes, 1-on-1
  • Any Power Track module
  • Personalized strength training program
  • Minimum commitment of 4 sessions



  • Workshops & Talks
  • Teambuilding Activities
  • Interaction & Inspiration-centric
  • Custom worksheets

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True confidence is quiet. It is felt, not heard.
It is not the roar of the lion, but the lion itself that is fierce.

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