The Tokyo Polyglot Community

Tokyo Trilinguals is a polyglot community of language enthusiasts that speak a minimum of three languages. We gather twice a month to have dynamic multilingual discussions that challenge us to think and speak in multiple languages simultaneously. Our meetups feature trilingual+ discussions and multilingual translations. The most common overlapping languages are: English, Japanese, Spanish, Mandarin-Chinese, French and Korean.


To create a community that connects and inspires polyglots across Tokyo.

Origin Story

Multilingualism has been a big part of my adult life. I first joined a language exchange in Seoul, South Korea in 2010 where I became part of a vibrant community of polyglots that inspired me to greater heights. Upon returning to Vancouver in 2012, I began co-organizing a similar meetup that eventually grew to 100+ weekly participants. Having lived in Tokyo for three years without a similar community, I had come to miss the dynamic, mixed language conversations and polyglot friends I once had. I had tried several language exchanges in Tokyo, but none had clicked. They were mostly bilingual or social exchanges that did not have enough of a focus on the multilingualism that I so missed. Selfishly, I was not looking for a place to practice one or two languages, but rather a place to practice all of my languages. So, in November 2017, I decided to try organizing it on own. It has since grown far beyond its original format and I now organize 2~3 events per month with a team of passionate polyglot co-organizers.


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